Simple steps to make your house attractive for Buyers.

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By Stonebridge Real Estate

To make your house attractive for buyers, you need to take a few simple steps. Imagine you were a buyer looking for a house to buy, what would appeal to you?

Here are a few tips

  1. Clean the junk in your yard and inside your house. This includes beer cans, broken down vehicles, piles of rubbish and so on. Make the inside look attractive by removing all junk items.
  2. Deal with the smells. People can pick up bad smells when rooms are stuffed or clothing is unwashed. Make sure during viewing the prospective buyers can’t wait to get out of the house.
  3. Order and neatness. Buyers love a house that has order and is neat. Make sure all the beds are done and all the dishes are cleaned. Nothing turns off the buyers than a sink full of unwashed dishes and bedrooms that are piled with dirty clothes. You may need to hire a person to help you clean the inside and the yard before inviting buyers to your home. By the way it’s not wrong to ask prospective buyers to make appointments before they come for viewing, so take that time to clean up before they arrive.
  4. Ensure everything is working. Make an effort to fix the leaking taps and the flushing system so that it is in working order. Buyers are repulsed by walking into  houses with bathrooms that are full of water on the floor because the plumbing is broken and lights that don’t work because of dead bulbs. If you can afford, fix the gate motors, make sure the pool is running and the borehole is working. It is not good enough to say the borehole works but it’s currently down.
  5. Be friendly. Be friendly and offer information that can help the prospective buyer to relax and view your house as a potential home for their family. It’s sweet of you to offer drinks or snacks to your potential buyer. It is such an unforgettable experience for buyers when Sellers are kind to them. Avoid though, following the Agent around. Let them do their thing.

Happy selling to all Sellers out there.


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