How to find your dream house


by Stonebridge Real Estate

Looking for your dream house is a lot harder than you may think. Many a times buyers think that they can just walk into the market, find their home and pay for it and live happily ever after. The reality of things is that an ideal home is a mission, one that you need someone with a wealth of experience and a big heart to help. Here are steps you could take.

  1. Be realistic. Unless you build your house from your plan, your dream house may not exist. You will have to compromise on one issue or the other, say the number of bedrooms, the size of the yard and so on.  You will need to adjust your expectations to something close to what you dream.
  2. Find a clever agent. You need a super agent with a track record of success. Your agent should be able to read your mind and have a mental picture of what kind of a house you are looking for. Of coarse, your agent will have to interpret and lead you to the next best choice in the market. The best way to find a superstar agent is by asking for a recommendation from someone who is experienced in house buying, it may be someone who is into property buying or they have had an experience with an agent.
  3. Design a budget. By now you have saved enough money to buy your dream house. If your budget is limited, you will have limited options to choose from. With a good budget you will have a variety of options to choose from.
  4. Take your time. Do not rush in to buy the first mansion you see. If you have developed good relations with your agent , he will give you enough of his time to run around with him and see as many houses as possible. If you are hoping from one agent to another, no agent will be fully committed to you.
  5. Be Practical. After having seen so many properties, sit down and write down the pros and cons of each property. Make a shortlist of 2 or 3 properties. Ask your agent for their opinion and the reasons why they chose any particular property. You may have to look for more practical buying motives such as roominess, security, distance to work, school for your children and so on. An isolated mansion in the middle of a thick thorny bush could be dangerous for you if you work late and get home at night.
  6. Make a move. Let the agent guide you in making an offer and choosing the conveyancing lawyers. Your agent should have enough experience to deal with complexities of the sale and to insure you obtain title deeds as soon as possible.

Happy Buying.

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