10 Tips For Selling Your Home.

10 Tips For Selling Your Home.

by Stonebridge Real Estate

For sure there are few buyers now and the skies are looking dry. How do you sell your house in this stressful environment. Here are a few tips to help you to attract buyers like a magnet.

  1. Green it up. There is nothing that attracts a buyer than a green, mature and well maintained lawn. Make an effort to add top soil to the lawn and if your borehole is up to standard, make sure the lawn is well watered. Remember green sells. On this note, make sure the garden is well maintained and trees a trimmed.
  2. A coat of paint. Make a point of painting the inside and the outside of the house. You could paint the root as well. There is no house that looks better than a house that has been recently painted. Buyers will like your extra effort and reward you with offers.
  3. Clean the yard. Make an effort to remove all junk in the yard. Be honest with yourself. That 1946 Ford shell in your yard will never be of any use to you actually what it does is it reduces the value of your property in the eyes of a potential buyer. Clean up the metal scrap, the leaf piles, the beer or any empty bottles, the litter and junk in the tools shed and laundry room. Buyers prefer houses that are free of clutter.
  4. Run the utilities. Moment of truth. Telling the prospect buyer that the borehole works when there is no water coming out of it sound not too good to the buyer. Make sure, in fact make double sure that the pool is blue and the pump is running, the borehole can be switched on, the gate motor has active batteries and so on. Buyers want action. They want the pool pump, the borehole to yield water and everything else to work smoothly.
  5. Get the windows washed. Buyers act on first impression. Grime and dirt can make your house unattractive to buyers. Declare a windows washing day and clean up the whole house.
  6. Play soft music. Tune in to soft classic music. Something by John Legend does a good job of soothing nervous buyers. It invites buyers to stay a little longer and take a look a little longer.
  7. Take advantage of natural light. Buyers hate walking into dark dungeons. Are you trying to save electricity bro? Put bulbs in all rooms and open up windows and blinds wide. Let natural light and fresh air filter.
  8. Give your home a nice aroma. Just about everybody likes a good smell. Make your house smell good. Popular scents include cinnamon rolls, freshly baked bread, lemon and freshly cooked food. Avoid cooking your favourite tripe when potential buyers have booked an appointment or making your dog food when your buyers are around. You may want to use scented candles or plug in air fresheners, but do not over do it. Make sure toilets are well flushed and clean during your buyer’s visit.
  9. Set up the scene. Help buyers see themselves living happily in your home. Rope in all the things that help buyers see how comfortable and cozy they can be in your home.
  10. Be a good host. Be a good host and make the prospective buyers welcome. Buyers could buy a house because they like the owners. Offer snacks of drinks but don’t be too much in the face of the agent.

Happy Selling!!!



Stonebridge Bulawayo

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